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Shipping costs will be based on your postal zip code.

Prices do not include California sales tax

To place an order please call or email me with your purchase information using the contact data on the Home page or email address below.

We now accept credit cards.  Accepted are Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and PayPal.  You will need an Email address to receive your invoice.

Checks, Money Orders or alike would also be acceptable.  Please be patient we are a not a large manufacturer.  We are not a small manufacturer.  We are smaller than small.  We are a two person operation; one male who is the manufacturer and one female who is the bookkeeper and web designer. Thank you, John and Linda



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Send e mail to JSWoodcrafts@sbcglobal.net with questions or comments about this web site or products.
Last modified: March 20, 2012