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Engine Houses
Animated-Motorized Engine Houses Industrial Rural Southwestern Track Side



Description Footprint Price Click on Picture to Enlarge
2-Stall Engine House
Primer red walls
Black roof and trim
For motorized doors add $45.00 per opening
For 8-window version add $30.00
Available in a single stall version - $195.00
22 x 37 x 13 $238.00 Engine House - 2 Stall.jpg (102209 bytes)
Backwoods Engine House
Rough sawn siding is stained medium brown 
Windows and doors are medium brown paint
Roof is rough sawn redwood
Perfect for a Shay or Climax
Longer version is available with a footprint of 15 x 37 x15 $175.00
For motorized doors add $45.00
4 inch roof vent installed, $20.00
15 x 28 x 15 $160.00 Engine House - Backwoods.jpg (119168 bytes)
Engine House with Roll-up Door
Walls are red brick with gray and black trim
Roof is black rock
The roll-up door is motorized and runs on 3 VDC
For 12-window version add $48.00

12 Volt Transformer $10.00
12 foot cord with reverse switch box $18.00

13 x 38 x 13.25 Was $328.00

Now $175.00

Engine House - Roll Up Door.jpg (151201 bytes)
Speeder Shack with Cabin
Rough sawn siding is stained medium brown 
Windows and doors are light green paint
Roof is corrugated and is primer red
Great for Speeders or any small engine or car
15 x 15 x 9.5 $195.00 Engine House - Speeder Shack.jpg (116214 bytes)


All engine houses are available in:

Any width or length

Large or small limestone block

Red or weathered red brick



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Last modified: November 13, 2010