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Track Side
Animated-Motorized Engine Houses Industrial Rural Southwestern Track Side



Description Footprint Price Click on Picture to Enlarge
Branchline Coaling Platform (Figures not Included) 22 x 5 x 9 $185.00 Branchline Coaling Platform - View 1.jpg (75857 bytes)

Branchline Coaling Platform - View 2.jpg (96971 bytes)

Coaling Tower
Medium brown stain on the structure
Shoot can be raised or lowered with the chain wheel
The coal door is operated with a lever

Coal or ore $2.00 per pound.
To add a dispensing mechanism to the coaling tower which includes 10 pounds of coal or ore add $80.00

10.5 x 16 x 30.5 $248.00 Coaling Tower.jpg (33382 bytes)
Sand House
Brown rolled roof with an aluminum tank
Light brown trim with medium brown stain
Sand storage bins are included

Coal or ore $2.00 per pound.

23.5 x 19 x 16 $198.00 Sand House.jpg (94308 bytes)
Grain Elevator
Green with off-white trim
Roof is primer red
Silos, large doors and chute are aluminum color
Silos with Grading House
Shown on right of Grain Elevator
25 x 25 x 28 (with silos and grading house) $268.00



Grain Elevator.jpg (19106 bytes)
Icing Platform with Ice House
Weathered brick walls on ice house
Stairs and doors are medium brown
Trim is gray with black rolled roof
Includes one set of 12 ice blocks - your choice of clear or frosted

Additional 48 inch platform - $108.00
12 ice blocks (clear or frosted)  - $6.00

16 x 10 x 12.25 (house only)

48 x 6 x8 (platform)

$278.00 Ice House - Front View.jpg (34447 bytes)
Close-up of Ice House Chute



Close-up of Left side of Ice House



Close-up of Right side of Ice House

    Ice House - Chute.jpg (73464 bytes)

Ice House - Left View.jpg (86423 bytes)

Ice House - Right View.jpg (83461 bytes)

Pump House
Medium brown stain with brown rolled roof
12 x 9 x 19 $118.00 Pump House.jpg (53473 bytes)
Railroad Tower
Yellow siding with light green trim
Rolled roof and vent are black
12 x 11.5 x 14 $198.00 Railroad Tower.jpg (39917 bytes)
Derrick Crane (Manual)
Medium brown stain with primer red roof
Lift bar is furnished (tools and canopy not included)
Crane is fully adjustable to any position
10 x 8 x 16 $138.00 Derrick Crane - Manual.jpg (98572 bytes)
Water Tank (Round)
Tank and spout are black
Medium brown stain on stand
The spout is fully adjustable using pull chain
12 x 5 x 15 $145.00 Water Tank - Round.jpg (56278 bytes)
Water Tank (Rectangular)
Feed tube and spout are black
Medium brown stain on tank and stand
The spout is fully adjustable using pull chain
12 x 7 x 13.5 $152.00 Water Tower - Rectangular.jpg (38087 bytes)
Hobo Shack
3 different styles available
  $25.00 each Style 1Hobo Shack - Style 1.jpg (93108 bytes)

Style 2Hobo Shack - Style 2.jpg (100396 bytes)

Style 3Hobo Shack - Style 3.jpg (128674 bytes)



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