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Animated-Motorized Engine Houses Industrial Rural Southwestern Track Side



Description Footprint Price Click on Picture to Enlarge
Light brown stucco walls with red trim
Doors are light brown with brown rock roof
Large doors can be positioned at any height
Sound System $40.00 
36 x 12 x 12

Stacks are 21" tall

Was $298.00

 Now $175.00

Foundry.jpg (46887 bytes)
Elevated Platform with Shack and Boom Lift
Brown stain
Door opens
Gray aluminum roof
Train Wheel and Chain Lift not included
9 x 11 x 6 $74.00 Freight Shack with Boom Lift.jpg (23136 bytes)
Adjustable Boom Lift
Available for your loading dock
Train Wheel and Chain Lift not included
N/A Was $24.00

Now $14.00

Boom Lift.jpg (24471 bytes)
Creosote Tank
Dark brown stain on the structure and the ties
Corrugated roof is dark brown
Included are 4 barrels;1 with a hand crank, 20 single and 2 full bundles of ties, tie cart, and 2 drying racks
There is 15 inches of track on a elevated road bed with a tie car
Additional sets of 20 single ties and 2 full bundles, $15.00 
23 x 8 x 7 $158.00 Creosote Tank.jpg (160584 bytes)
Quonset Hut
Matte silver
Available in any size.  Call or email for pricing
9 x 4.5 x 15, as shown Was $144.00

Now $98.00

Quonset Hut.jpg (50480 bytes)


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Last modified: May 26, 2015